Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 125: A Quick Game of Catch-Up

Wow. I have gone about 2 whole weeks without posting anything on here! Weirdest feeling ever. LOL.

A lot has happened. I got a surprise phone call from the most amazing missionary ever (I LOVE YOU, JOHN!!), I got a job, I lost a job, I lost weight, I gained weight, then lost it again, had tons of fun with friends, Disneyland, ect ect. I'm doing a good job of accepting things and moving on though! So lesson learned! LOL.

I caught myself reading the "Missing You" greeting cards at the grocery store today. They were cute and I thought multiple times about purchasing a few of them to send of sporadically. But I refrained. And I bought teeth whitening gear instead. LOL.

Well, I have an interview tomorrow, and maybe it will pull through. But I've learned that once I am meant to have a job, I'll find one that will stick and I will enjoy. Well, enjoy enough to care to keep it.

At the end of this transfer, John will be a quarter done with his mission. Only 3 more times, only 3 more times....... He's worth it. :)