Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 340: Cheese and Crackers

Christmas is a week away... 7 days. That's it. And surprisingly, I haven't wanted to murder my heart yet. I'm fine. I'm pretty happy. I'm not depressed. It's a Christmas miracle. I think it's because the year mark is descending on me very very quickly here. HOORAY!!! One more year until he is back home and this blog can become more fun! LOL.
Last weekend, I had the opportunity to cut my Grammie'
s hair. In the middle of her haircut, she kept asking me all about John. So I told her the whole story of how we met and how we came to be. She was thrilled, and so was I (seeing as I got to talk about John). :) She loved our story (so do I), thought it was romantic (so do I), and couldn't wait to ask a billion more questions about him. What's his plan for himself? What does he like most about his mission? What are your plans with him in the future? Yada, yada, yada. But then she asked me one question that I was kinda stumped at. "What do you love MOST about him?" Annnnnnnd there I stood, not knowing how to answer exactly. And that got me thinking about writing yet another list. So as I sat in my living room listening to the rain and a 90's film, I started thinking. What DO I love most about him? CAN I name just one thing? The answer is of course no, and I ended up with a rather long list. Annnd this is where I post said list. Bring out the crackers, 'cause here comes the cheese.

What Do I Love Most About John?
-The sound of his laugh
-His crinkle smile
-The way he opens his eyes REALLY big when emphasizing something
-His selflessness
-He loves LOVES kids
-He shows everyone around him so much respect
-The way he moved his CTR ring to his other hand because it hurt me when he held my hand
-How he started calling me "Jesse" and I didn't mind
-The way he ALWAYS wanted to rub my feet
-How he would always pick up the towel and help with the
dishes without being asked
-He's not ashamed of his crazy girlfriend
-He tells me constantly how much he cares for me
-How he didn't mind when I would fall asleep on the phone every night
-He's motivated
-He's hardworking
-He loves me for ME, and not just what I could become
-He makes me want to be better
-His dream of a perfect Saturday (even the realistic one)
-His dedication
-How he stuck around for so long
-His musical talent
-He fits every point on the list of what I want in a husband
-He loves God first
He's charming
He knows how to cheer me up
-He wants to take care of me
-He'll sit and listen to a crying girl, and love her all the more for it
-He is so willing to help me
-He's always on my mind

So I can't choose only one, but if I had to say only ONE item I loved more than the rest, I would have to say that I love his dedication to God. He is so dedicated to Him and His cause, that he gave up 2 years of his life at home with me. And THAT is what draws me to him continuously.

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